Sherpapa Co-Founder and Dad-to-Be Matthew Morrison On His Lullaby Playlist

First two photos: Sherpapa

While modern-day mamas are clearly spoiled in the wardrobe and accessories departments, patriarch gear still has a ways to go beyond #dadhats — and this is where former Glee star Matthew Morrison comes in. The soon-to-be father teamed with his BF photog pal Zach McDuffie to create Sherpapa Supply Co., a cool new brand for adventurous papas (and mamas).

Inspired by the duo's devotion to travel and camping, the just-launched label offers everything from enamel cups ($18) and tees ($35) to outdoors-ready (and USA-made) diaper bags for $175 and up and handmade canoe paddles for $225. (And yes, they've got some pretty rugged-cool dad hats, too.)

Here, we chat with Sherpapa's cool co-founders to find out how "dadventures" sparked the idea for the line, what lullabies Morrison will be humming to his little one (due this fall!), and more. Read on below, then shop the brand at its website and on

How did you two meet, and what specific experiences/memories inspired the designs of Sherpapa?

Zach McDuffie: We met through our beautiful wives [Renee Puente and Natazha McDuffie] who are best friends. Matthew and I met our wives around the same time and we all just naturally came together like family.

The original inspiration for our gear came along with the birth of my daughter. After years of traveling, camping, diving, surfing, fishing, and carrying photography gear, I found myself now needing to carry a new set of things for "dadventures." All of those endeavors I mentioned have entire industries making specific gear and apparel for them, but there just weren't many options or lifestyle brands for dads. Matthew and I agree from a design aesthetic point of view, striving to make gear that is multi-purpose, multi-generational, and that has a timeless classic style.

What part of fatherhood are you most looking forward to?

Matthew Morrison: I'm most looking forward to seeing the wonder of the world through my child's eyes.  My wife and I are excited to start the greatest adventure of our lives!

What songs would be on your baby sing-along/lullaby playlist? (We're sure you've got some good ones!)

MM: The list of songs I would love to sing is endless. Renee and I have been writing some original songs that we can't wait to sing! Also, I just did a Broadway show called Finding Neverland and it seriously had the best lullabies in the score.


Since this is a common question for working mothers, we figured we'd ask you as well: How do you balance your career and fatherhood?

ZM: Balancing career and fatherhood can be tough, but at the end of the day everything we work hard for is really for our family. It is amazing to get to make a business out of supporting strong family leaders and proud papas, with my family by my side.

Zach, What's your best advice for Matt (and other soon-to-be dads)?

ZM: My advice for Matthew and other expecting dads is to always keep your sense of humor and just try to keep your cool through the chaos. It isn't easy being a parent but there is nothing else like the love you will find in your child's eyes.