This Non-Diaper Bag Doubles As the Perfect Backpack for Work-from-Everywhere Moms

Lug 3-in-1  Via Tote , $120

Lug 3-in-1 Via Tote, $120

Fact: Any working mom will tell you that there's absolutely no secret to "successfully" juggling motherhood and career — and as a freelance editor and writer, I'm guilty of that not-so-balanced tightrope walk between working from home and being a stay-at-home mama. (Yep, I'm still on the hunt for a good nanny or daycare service, but we'll save that story for another time.) This means I usually never leave home without my MacBook, whether I'm taking my 20-month-old son to doctor appointments or bringing (ahem, dragging) him along to press previews. After experimenting with every type of carryall under the sun — from carrying a separate laptop tote and baby bag to minimalist drawstring backpacks overstuffed with my wallet, laptop, and baby gear — I've found that this 3-in-1 bag by Canadian-based travel brand Lug is the answer to all of my on-the-go multi-tasking bag prayers so far. (I also love that the family-run company is co-founded by a mother.)

This versatile Via Tote ($120) converts to a backpack, tote, or shoulder bag and features a wide mouth opening, eliminating the need to unpack everything just to get to that diaper rash cream at the bottom. (We've all been there.) The structured opening is also handy for quickly pulling out my 13" laptop from the convenient inner compartment, while the rest of the interior offers enough space to hold baby wipes, enough diapers for the day, and other essentials for baby and me. The bag's front pockets are perfect for stowing away snacks and other items that need to be easily accessed during near-meltdowns, and I like that the upper zipper pocket is also RFID protected in the event I'm using it to store my wallet, because why not?

Another bonus: In addition to featuring two side pockets (perfect for water bottles), the bag is 100% nylon, making it easy to clean after spills. The bag is $120 and is available in classic black and other colors in polka dot prints; the brand is set to release additional colorways, including the floral option seen above, on its website soon.