Game-Changing Apps & Tips For Busy Mamas

Photo by James Theodore

Today's guest author is FMLA member Kelly McKee Zajfen, a former model who's now a mother of beautiful twins. Learn more about her below, and as well as her best life hacks.

Hello! I am the Co-Founder and Creative Director of the children's clothing brand Little Minis. We make little girl (for now) rompers using vintage dead stock material and produced all in Los Angeles. Producing in our home town is incredible. We believe it is extremely important in building our community and by using vintage deadstock we are reducing our carbon footprint on this beautiful environment. 

I'm also the Co-Founder of Alliance of Moms. We are an auxiliary group of the Alliance for Children’s Rights that is dedicated to breaking the intergenerational cycle of babies born to teens in the foster care system. To do that, we create programs that educate and empower young parents who are in the foster care system in Los Angeles so they can give their babies a childhood healthier than their own.

Here are my go-to apps and tips for busy mamas:

Washio: This dry cleaning service that picks up anytime and drops off the next day. I swear my husband thinks I'm a superwoman! 

Instacart: I think we have all caught on to this one. Grocery delivery in 2 hours! Whole Foods is my jam and having that ability to order last minute saves me from getting the twins in and out of the car solo. 

The Now: Best mini massages for on the go. I go on and book an appointment for 25 min and sneak it in my week. I feel rested and spoiled and the price can't be beat! 

Heal: An at-home, on-call doctors visit. I use this on weekends for the kids (They send pediatricians for kiddos) if I don’t want to go to the Urgent care. We have used them twice for Ear infections. They come within two hours, real doctors, and they call in the prescription right then and there for immediate pick up to whatever pharmacy is nearest to you. 

Handy: It’s a great app when you need help around the house. Electricians. Cleaning, or whatever your heart desires!

Munchery: It’s a really great delivery service that has pre prepped meals from chefs in LA. They drop off and you just pop it in the oven. All really healthy and yummy and they have a kids menu!

Trekaroo: With two kiddos it’s hard to find things all the time to keep them entertained. I love to peek at Treakaroo wherever I am to see what kid friendly activities are around me. It has just about any and all activities! 

Artkive: I feel like I can never catch up with kids stuff. This is super easy for all their art work. I snap a photo of their art and it catalogs it for me based on each kid and age. You can make books so it’s great if you don’t want to store your kids art forever. 

Parabo: A really beautiful way to print images. You can make posters, books, and cards from your phone images. 

Unroll Me: I don't know about you, but the amount of junk that comes to my phone and having multiple emails for work stuff it makes me crazy all the ads. This is an app that takes all the subscriptions you don't want away and it doesn't come back!! Wahoo! Clean emails!!

Slack: I use this for Alliance of Moms. It’s incredible at organizing and communicating with our team. It brings all the communication in real-time messaging and archives based on certain channels. You can upload documents, photos, tag people for instant communication. It’s just genius.

— Kelly McKee Zajfen